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Africa Wildlife Eco Safaris

African Safari Regions And Countries
The two premier regions for wildlife viewing safaris are Eastern and Southern Africa. The East African countries are Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Rwanda. The South African countries are Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. South African safaris are typically more expensive and you will encounter fewer safari parties on your route than you will on an East African safari.

The Best Times For A Safari
There are two seasons for Africa safari travel -- the dry season and the wet season. The East Africa dry season runs from June until September. The eastern wet season is really two seasons. One is November through December and the other is April and May. The November and December rains are not heavy. The April and May rains are torrential. The Southern Africa dry season runs from May through October. The wet season runs from November until March. If you safari in the dry season you will see more wildlife, because the wildlife must travel to the water to drink, giving more opportunities for wildlife viewing. The dry season, however, is dusty and less colorful than the saturated greens of the wet season. You will also miss the chance to see wildlife infants, you will miss the peak wildlife migration period of the wet season, and it is more expensive during the dry season, as these are the peak safari months. The wet season has drawbacks, too. Travel can be difficult in rain down pours and the skies can be overcast.

Planning For A Safari
Where should you go? When should you go? What will you need? What about shots, insects, food, water and electricity availability for your wildlife tour? Luckily, the stunning African Wildlife Foundation website can help you anticipate your needs and the steps necessary to have an unforgettable African wildlife safari with their helpful Safari Planner with Frequently Asked Questions that covers everything to have and know, including a good amount of informaion about capturing safari on film (lenses, best film speeds, light) and video. The AWF's mission, together with the people of Africa, is to work to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever. They have been doing this for forty years and have developed over time the Africa Heartlands Program, an Educational and Leadership Program, a Critical Species Research and Conservation Program, and a Conservation Enterprise Program to carry out their aims. Their conservation related enterprises in Africa are often concessions for wildlife safaris, ecotourism lodges, walking safaris and camps. You can even safari with the African Wildlife Foundation. The upcoming safari date, costs and itinerary are described in the News section of their website. There are other safari planners on the internet, but you must register to use them, agreeing to accept advertisements in your email box. [ ]

Booking A Safari
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