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Africa Resources: Africa-Related Links
Africa Aerial Photograpy

Aerial Photos of Africa by Brian McMorrow:  View aerial photos of Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Mauritius, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Chad, Ghana and Nigeria.

Africa Aviation

AIS ASECNA:  Africa airports, heliports, aeronautical charts and information. The web site is in English. The charts, however, are in French.

Skydiving & Base Jumping in South Africa:   if you've never skydived, you should seriously consider doing your first jump in South Africa. There are two reasons. The first is that, with the favourable exchange rate, you'll find it a lot cheaper than at home. The second reason, of course, is the scenery.

Soaring Safari:  The magic of South Africa extends beyond fantastic wildlife, spectacular scenery and a wonderful climate, it is also one of the best places in the world for soaring flight.

African Diaspora

The Digital Diaspora Network - Africa:  The Digital Diaspora Network - Africa's mission is to promote development in Africa through mobilizing the technological, entrepreneurial and professional expertise and resources of the African Diaspora. The objective is to build a network of entrepreneurs from Africa living in North America and Europe who will contribute to promoting digital opportunities in Africa.'s vision is to support the in initiatives that encourage growth for their proud people. They are committed to creating projects aimed at solving such issues as poverty, education, health, and sustainable development. is a tool to harness the creativity and resources necessary to facilitate positive change and create an African Renaissance.

Agricultural Development

Agnet Africa:  Agnet-Africa is an electronic forum promoting the sharing of information between agribusiness, trade associations and researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The service aims to develop strong linkages between small-scale producers and corporations with interests in developing agricultural markets in Africa.

Seeds for Africa:  Seeds for Africa is a registered charity based at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Seeds for Africa aims to help needy African families by the provision of vegetable seeds, agricultural equipment and relevant technical advice. Since it started in July 1998 the charity has purchased over 100 metric tonnes of vegetable seed in Africa.

Conflict Diamonds

Rapaport News - Conflict Diamonds:  Rapaport News, powered by, offers a selection of important articles that relate to the topic of conflict diamonds under the Special Topic of "Conflict Diamonds". Additional Newsbriefs and Articles are available in the News section under the topic "Conflict".

Rapaport News - The Kimberley Process:  Rapaport News, powered by, offers a selection of important articles that relate to the Kimberley Process under the Special Topic "Kimberley Process". Additional Newsbriefs and Articles are available in the News section under "Kimberley Process". The Kimberley Process is an industry system of self-regulation through system warranties and a code of conduct from the World Diamond Council. You can view the full text of the Kimberley Process Resolution and read the Rapaport Guide to the Kimberley Process. - Summary of Conflict Diamond Campain:  The Conflict Diamond campaign exposes how the international diamond industry has operated for years with no rules or regulations and how this lack of corporate responsibility has wreaked havoc in some of Africa's most prolific civil wars. Global Witness is campaigning to have legally binding regulations imposed by governments on the international diamond industry to ensure that diamonds no longer fund conflict in Africa.


Gap Year In South Africa's Tembe Elephant Park Game Reserve:  Spend your gap year in South Africa's Tembe Elephant Park Game Reserve near the Mozambique border. South Africa's National Elephant Park is looking for enthusiastic and hard working volunteers to help increase world-wide awareness of the elephants and the park's needs.  Study abroad program information. Search by program type, by country or by subject.

WWW Virtual Library for Anthropology:  Comprehensive directory of anthropologically related Internet resources.


Search Engine Megalist:  A complete list of search engines and directories with direct add url links.

Pride Creations Web Directory:  Pride Creations is a directory of human reviewed websites.

Social Justice in Africa

International Crime Tribunal for Rwanda:  The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda was established for the prosecution of persons responsible for genocide and other serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory of Rwanda between 1 January 1994 and 31 December 1994.

United Ijaw States  Evidence the spirit of self-determination in the Ijaw people, the predominant indigenous people of the Niger Delta, in the face of the grip of the Nigerian state to the north and the transnational oil corporations. Witness the human degradation and environmental depravity that decades of assault on their lands and people have produced. Learn how independence from colonial rule in 1960 only tightened the nuce of the foreign oil corporations and the Nigerian state to the north. Read how the Ijawnation is striving for a peaceful separation from the northern rule of the Nigerian state.

Travel in Africa

Africa Point:  Africa's specialist travel agency offering online reservations for customised vacation tours for top destinations across Africa. Enquire easily online and save.

Africade:   Africade organizes specialized wellness packages and individual tours for overseas clients. From spiritual retreats to the upmarket beauty and health Spa options, as well as nature and golf retreats.

African Safari: is a comprehensive travel guide with recommended tours and packages to East and Southern Africa. Their travel consultants will help ensure that you plan a perfect African holiday experience.

Migration Overland:  Travelling overland from the UK, their 16-week tours of West Africa may change your life, opening your eyes to experiences only travel writers and explorers have previously seen.

Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris:  Worldwide Photographic Tours - There are three photographic tours of Africa: Kenya Wildlife, where you will visit the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve, where you will visit the picturesque Samburu Game Reserve and the alkaline wetlands of Lake Nakuru National Park; Namibia Wildlife and Landscapes, where you will visit the towering Sossusvlei Dunes and the Skeleton Coast, where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, plus the world-renowned wildlife sanctuary, Etosha National Park; and Unbelievable Madagascar, one of the most unique and endangered ecosystems on the planet, where you will vist all five of the major life zones in Madagascar.

Migration Overland:  Travelling overland from the UK, their 16-week tours of West Africa may change your life, opening your eyes to experiences only travel writers and explorers have previously seen.

Travel Community Online - Travellerspoint:  Travellerspoint is a free worldwide travel community with tools and services to help travellers before, during and after their trip. See "Travel Products" for budget and hostel information for Africa.

TrekShare:  A personal communication platform that facilitates interaction amongst like-minded travelers. Members create dynamic homepages with unlimited travelogue uploads. Includes user ratings, chat, video and tips on over 3000 destinations.

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